watch TV IPTV channels Using Smart TV

Written By Walid Mih on Tuesday, 31 March 2015 | 19:46

How to watch TV channels through IPTV Using Smart TV, It depends on the speed of the Internet And whether content channels HD or SD 
If HD is required Internet speed is less thing you have 10 Mega
Explication a été sur  l'écran Samsung Plasma la taille de 64 pouces
First, press button the SMART UUB

And then press the search, such as image 

And then write in the search option smart IPTV

After we finish writing this way we search

The same program shows such as image

DOWNLOAD and after loading
Get out of smart hub
And re-enter by program
as the picture

After the program has worked
You will get some experience of the Russian channel
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